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Fencing Contractors in Burgess Hill, Crawley

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We pride ourselves on being more than just tree surgeons. In addition to our renowned expertise in arboriculture, we also serve as fencing contractors, extending our services to customers in Burgess Hill, Crawley, Haywards Heath, Sussex, Surrey, and Kent. Whether for domestic or commercial properties, we deliver exceptional fencing solutions that meet the highest standards.

Our skilled team excels in the installation of new fences, and we are equally adept at handling fencing repair and replacement projects. We welcome inquiries from customers who require professional and reliable fencing services. Rest assured, when you choose J Salisbury Tree Surgery, you can expect top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail in every aspect of our work.

We provide a wide range of fencing materials for various applications, whether it’s for your garden, business, equine facilities, or agricultural needs. Our focus is on timber-based solutions, which appeal to customers in Burgess Hill, Crawley, and Haywards Heath who appreciate a more traditional aesthetic. Our experienced fencing contractors specialise in close-board and post-and-rail fencing installations, although we are always open to considering other styles based on your personal preferences.

For enhanced durability and longevity, we offer tantalised or C16 pressure-treated timber for your fencing projects. This treatment effectively safeguards the timber against water damage, fungus, insects, and bacteria, ensuring its long-term preservation. You can rely on us for quality materials that withstand the test of time.


Aesthetic Appeal

Timber fencing offers a natural and visually pleasing appearance that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment, particularly in the lush green landscapes of Burgess Hill, Crawley, Haywards Heath, and the wider South East region.


Opting for timber fencing from our skilled contractors is a cost-effective choice compared to steel constructions. With access to a diverse range of panel designs and styles, we provide personalized installations that align with our customers’ budgets without compromising quality.

Ease of Installation

Our fencing solutions feature individual pieces that are easily assembled using concrete or timber posts. This eliminates the need to handle cumbersome rolls of chain-link fencing and avoids the time constraints associated with steel palisade fencing.

Simple Repairs

In the event of strong winds or accidental damage, our timber fencing allows for straightforward repairs. Individual panels can be effortlessly lifted away from the posts, enabling quick and efficient replacements without the need to dismantle and reinstall entire sections. This streamlined approach ensures faster repair times and minimal disruption.

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