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What is a Tree Surgeon, anyway?

John Davey is generally considered the father of tree surgery.  All the way back in the late 19th century, he began to bring about a change in attitudes regarding tree care. He made the analogy that if you needed surgery you would not go to the local butcher but to a surgeon - a trained and qualified medical practitioner.  In the same way, trees needing repair should be treated and restored by those trained in the science of tree care.

A qualified tree surgeon is not just someone who has a certificate to wield a chainsaw but is one who has undergone accredited training, who knows all the different tree species, can recognise diseases and other conditions that are likely to cause harm if left untreated, and knows appropriate treatment for these conditions.  In the hands of a properly qualified tree surgeon, the saw is not just a tool for removing trees but also for maintaining their health.


Always check qualifications!


Whether it’s pruning a single apple tree or maintaining an orchard; trimming a garden hedge or a park boundary; removing the odd unsafe branch or dismantling an entire row of trees, we are trained, qualified and equipped for the task.


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